Our Vision

After more than twenty five years of practicing Homeopathy and after closely monitoring world’s response towards this holistic way of treatment (invented before more than two centuries in Germany by Dr. Hahnemann)…We clearly saw that this system of treatment is here to stay because, all the malicious and virulent attacks on it failed to destroy it during these past two centuries! We are clearly seeing that Homeopathy is going to find more and more acceptance and will become popular all over the world in coming few years. Right now most of the people have blind faith on modern medicine and they think that it can never go wrong. But, we Homeopaths, other researches in field of medicine know that the Modern Medicine is not right from its base/roots itself. It is striving on funding by big pharmacy companies and dependent on big five star or seven star hospitals built by big industrial houses as part of their business ventures. This kind of set up in medical world is influencing Governments of all the countries around the world. Nobody in Government dares to speak against modern medicine even if he or she knows that Homeopathy needs to be funded and made available to masses. But, with the blessings of Internet and sea of information available on it, people are lot more aware and smart now. Slowly but at steady speed, all have started to understand, how modern medicines are tempering with their body and health. All are realizing now that, modern medicines provide just temporary relief but, fails in providing permanent relief or say cure. It just shifts disease from one part/organ of body to another one. Now everybody understands that; in Modern medicinal way, you can’t carry on with just one doctor, you have to take help of chain of doctors belonging to various specialties. People are aware now that, whenfive or seven doctors treat you one after another, you are in no position to blame any one of them for your still uncured and more complicated disease. Even after years of consuming various medicines, going through various lab investigations, receiving various kind of drugs with changing time and spending your life earnings on your treatment, you have nobody to point your finger at when still you are not cured and suffering. Initially I use to find this scenario funny but now I understand that it is not funny, it is pathetic and kind of a joke in the name of treatment. There are many who are still blind in their faith but, we are sure that all will come to know about what wrong was done in the name of treatment with them sooner or later and will move away from it to embrace better treatment like Homeopathy. Further we envisage that, however hard the opposition of Homeopathy tries, this wonderful system of treatment is going to gain acceptance and popularity among masses soon.<p/ align>


You will ask, what you people are doing towards what you have envisaged? This website is part of our sincere effort to inform world about goodness and advantages of Homeopathy. Here we shall point you, what is wrong with modern medicine and what is good with Homeopathy in easy to understand way with the help of our blogs, books/publications, testimonies of cured patients and our informative videos in coming days. Since we along with our family and extended large family of our patients; rarely need to take any modern medicinal drugs since past more than twenty five years; we would try our best to prompt other people also to opt for Homeopathic way first for treatment of their ailments instead of blindly going for Modern medicine. We dream to make Homeopathy first choice of treatment and remove tag of alternative way of treatment, which is stuck on it. We know that if people are going for Homeopathic treatment first, they may not require to go for any Modern Medicine ever in their lives! Homeopathy cures, that’s it. It never gives rise to side effects, complications and new diseases by suppressing the older one. All need to understand that if you opt for Homoeopathy, you are going to be benefitted, not us! We don’t say all this to attract you towards our clinic but we want you to go for Homeopathy, to any other good Homeopathic doctor near your place.

So, this was all about our vision and our effort towards popularizing Homeopathy we love from depth of our heart. Please go through all the links available on this website and decide for yourself.

Thank you for reading.