We know that there remains one question in your mind. You want to know why you should opt for homeopathy when there is well-developed modern medicinal system is in place?

There are many positive points about Homeopathy that surpass modern medicine and you better know about them. So, here is the list of some of the logical reasons behind opting for Homeopathy

RAPID, GENTLE AND PERMANENT: Homeopathy believes in delivering fast recovery from your disease and that is also in most smooth and gentle way. Above it, it believes in delivering long and lasting cure, complete annihilation of the disease so it should leave your body forever! It never targets at just giving relief from the symptoms on temporary basis. You get rid of your ailment forever and it remains basic motto of Homeopathy.

HARMLESS TO YOUR VITAL ORGANS: Homeopathic medicines are given to you in highly diluted and potentized state. You can say in Nano quantity and biggest advantage of this is, it never gives rise to any side effect or adverse effect. It never compels your liver or kidneys to do labor of washing away medicines from your system as Homeopathic medicines are so little in quantity that it gets assimilated and metabolized in your body, leaving no need for washing them away by your liver or kidneys! It is well known to you that on many occasion liver or kidneys fall sick themselves in an endeavor of washing away modern medicinal substances, which are given in crude form and in large quantities. There is no such hazard when you take Homeopathic medicines!

HELPS TO AVOID UNDUE SURGERIES: With the use of Homeopathic medicines, you may avoid many minor surgeries. In homeopathy we do have medicines for many diseases, which call for surgery in modern medicine. In this way you save on undue expenses of surgery and can save yourself from pain of going under knife unduly !

CAN TREAT ALL SORT OF DISEASES: Homeopathy is a complete science and has treatment and medicines for almost all naturally occurring diseases. You may opt for homeopathy for treatment of any of your disease without worrying about availability of treatment of it in Homeopathy. There is medicine for all your possible diseases in Homeopathy.

LEAVES YOU MORE IMMUNE: Homeopathic medicines awakes healing powers/immunity of your body itself and these innate healing powers of your own body, fights against your disease and drives it away. This results in stronger and more immune body. Homeopathy is all about self-healing where as in modern medicine, the medicine fights and takes over you disease, never leaving a chance for your body to fight for itself and become stronger. Homeopathy gives you independence from slavery of medicines whereas modern medicine makes your body slave of medicines !

NO SIDE EFFECTS: Homeopathic medicines are completely harmless and are blessed with “zero side effect or say zero adverse effect” quality. You better give up on modern medicine, which is saddled with innumerable adverse effects.

PERSONALISED TREATMENT: There is a concept of individual treatment in Homeopathy. In Homeopathy, patients receive, his or her individualized medicine even if their diagnosis is same. I mean, in modern medicine, if you are diagnosed with say, typhoid fever, you will receive same set of antibiotic medicines which other patients of typhoid fever are receiving. But, in homeopathy, each and every patient of typhoid fever will receive different medicine selected according to his or her individual totality of symptoms. You must be treated by a treatment plan, which is made specially and specifically suitable to you and should not be treated in herds! This is not possible in modern medicine. It happens only in Homeopathy!

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS ARE TAKEN CARE OF: When you get treated with Homeopathic medicines, your Homeopathic doctor inevitably takes in to consideration your psychological, financial and social aspects because, without knowing you fully, he won’t be able to select right medicine for you. The medicine, selected in this way, not just improves upon your physical ailment but also improves upon your psychological aspect too. You become more positive, optimistic and free of anxiety/depression at the end of Homeopathic treatment, which you started for getting rid of your physical complaints only! Homeopathy leaves you as a better individual mentally and physically, an advantage you will never get from modern medicine!

NO HARMFUL DRUG EMPLOYED: Most fearsome medicines in modern medical science are antibiotics, painkillers and steroids because they tend to invite lots of side effects. We all know this. Here in Homeopathy, none of these hazardous medicines are employed and you never need to fear any unwanted consequences from the treatment !

BEST FOR TREATMENT OF ALLERGIC DISEASES: When you have some sort of allergic disease, Homeopathy remains best option because Homeopathic medicines eradicate allergies from your body forever and never just suppresses them temporarily like it is done in modern medicine!

NO FEAR OF NEWLY EMERGING DISEASES: There is one problem modern medical world always encounter. The problem is of newly emerging infectious diseases from nowhere like bird flue, swine flue, Ebola and many more! The reason is, they don’t have antibiotics developed against such newly emerging diseases and they are clueless when they are facing such infections. In homeopathy on other hand, the treatment is based on symptoms of the patient and not on the diagnosis or the name of the disease. Homeopathic doctor easily finds perfect homeopathic medicine for such newly emerged infections simply by taking in to account the symptoms produced by that infection, isn’t it great advantage?

EASE OF CONSUMING MEDICINES: Injections, IV drips, tablets and capsules, bitter syrups…the medicines in modern medical science are pain to consume. Children are completely scared of it, isn’t it? Whereas, in Homeopathy, medicines are usually sweet lactose pills or globules, easy to consume and readily loved by children. Another good advantage in favor of Homeopathy!

LESS COSTLY, VALUE FOR MONEY: If you will look closely over your expenditure on your medical treatment, you will find that Homeopathic treatment and medicines are far less costly in comparison of modern medical science. You save considerable amount of money here, think about it! Besides this, since a Homeopathic doctor is more concerned about signs and symptoms and less about generalized diagnosis of your ailment, he requires very few laboratory and imaging related investigations. The direct outcome of this is; savings of lots of money on the side of the patient! Homeopathy has really good medicines to cure minor surgical diseases without surgery. This remains added advantage for you that you escape surgery and consequently save a lot on surgical expenses!

SECOND MOST POPULAR METHOD OF TREATMENT: If you have little information about history of Homeopathy, you will know that it is born out of failure of orthodox medicine, it has highly intelligent, educated and sort of a genius person as its inventor and Homeopathy has silenced its critics who were telling that it is non-scientific by standing tall since past more than two hundred years now! Homeopathy, the science invented in Germany is no more local now, it has become global phenomena and more than forty percent of world population prefers Homeopathy to modern medicine now! I must add jokingly here that; the only critics left against Homeopathy are big pharmacy companies who are earning mammoth amount of money from manufacturing modern medicines!

REAL FAST CURE IN ACUTE DISEASES: There is a misconception about homeopathic treatment that it is not preferable in an acute ailment as it takes far longer time to cure it in comparison of modern medicine. Let me assure you that it is a myth and there is no substance in it as Homeopathic treatment does cures ailments fast enough and sometimes even faster than modern medicine, what is required is, you should try with Homeopathy during your acute disease, then only you will be able to get the fact properly.

REAL MEDICINES, NOT PLACEBO: I shall address another lie propagated against Homeopathy. The lie is, Homeopathic medicines are nothing but placebo. It is not true, Homeopathy has inventory of more than 2500 proven medicines and it does shows its curative effects even on plants and animals. If it can work on animals, how it can be termed mere placebo? Please don’t fall prey to such false propagandas against Homeopathy and understand that every good thing in this world does have its enemies! When patients come with proper diagnosis made by modern medical practitioner with lots of laboratory reports as proof of it for Homeopathic treatment and at the end of the treatment when their latest reports shows absence of disease; isn’t it a biggest proof that Homeopathic medicines are real thing and not placebo?

VERY FEW DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: There is another good thing with Homeopathic treatment and that is, it has very few dietary restrictions and you can enjoy your normal food during your treatment.

I think, I have given enough reasons for you to switch over to Homeopathy now. Only thing I can urge to you is, come to this harmless way of treatment without any fear, doubts and hesitations, YOU WONT REGRET.