She has garnered vast experience in treating diseases of women and children. She has made herself sort of an expert in fields of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics. This should not be taken as some sort of specialty as Homoeopathic treatment is always holistic and never in parts like systems and diseases. She is well versed in treating host of other different diseases besides above said fields. She has treated many cases of Obesity by Homoeopathic medicines, diet advises and suggesting appropriate exercises. She has almost intuitive understanding of women’s psych, her emotions, her circumstances and her predicaments. Understanding women, their home/work related issues and naturally occurring hormonal up downs remains part of her insightful work. She is equally adept at understanding children, their psyche and their diseases. She has amazing empathic abilities by which she feels the suffering of her patients and predicaments of their lives. This remains most important ability for any Homoeopathic doctor to become a successful prescriber.