Here we are two doctors at your and your family’s service. Dr. Tushar Chitaliya and Dr. Seema Chitaliya. We both are homeopathic consultants practicing since year 1990. You can imagine vast experience and expertise we must have garnered during this long practice. We are dedicated to this amazing science of Homeopathy only after verifying its truth and efficacy during our long years of practice. Our greatest joy comes from seeing our cured patients and their smiling faces. We believe in utilizing only high standard medicines, manufactured by reputed international companies only. We ensure that our fees remain feasible and uniform through out our clientele. We both believe in serving poor at discounted rates as curing a sick remains our first duty and earning comes second. We ensure that nobody is deprived from treatment just being poor. Like father of Homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann; we also are God believers. We believe in God and message of service to humanity unflinchingly and we are eternally thankful to God for providing us with such a noble profession of restoring the sick. You may classify us a classical Homeopaths. Classical means; the Homeopaths who strictly adhere to the science taught by its inventor, Dr. Hahnemann. Our approach is simple, we do diagnose the disease of the patient with the help of all sort of laboratory investigations, imaging techniques and whatever modern means available. And then analyze the patient in classical Homeopathic way and treat them with classical Homeopathic approach

Our medical knowledge remains dedicated to maximum benefit of the patient. Honesty, compassion, confidentiality and respect of the patient remain our way of practicing this amazing art and science of Homeopathy. We always make sure that no poor should be deprived of treatment. We never put our gains and profit above our duty as a doctor.

We don’t believe in providing such treatment which is pointless and not of use. We always try and explain the patient about his disease and about our approach to cure it. We always encourage our patients to gather more information on their disease by searching on net. We have nothing to hide.

We always believe in providing true information to the patient and never hesitate to ask for second opinion in case of unclear diagnosis, from other learned brothers of our medical field. We do seek opinion from doctors belonging to modern medicine.

We fully understand that however learned may be…we are mere humans like you and not God and there is always a limitation to our knowledge and abilities. We do consider that our science Homeopathy; also has some limitations like any other science.

Last but not least, we always pray God to grant us ever increasing knowledge and skills to practice this amazing art and science of Homeopath and make us true torchbearer of medical profession, which is respected by all from eternity.

We shall stick to our idles so that God may grant us also, happy and fruitful life.

Meet the Team


Dr. Tushar Chitaliya

Homeopathic Consultant

Dr. Tushar Chitaliya is homeopathic consultants practicing since year 1990. He has good deal of experience in successfully treating difficult, chronic and so-called incurable diseases like Asthma, various types of Cancers, liver problems like Cirrhosis of liver, skin diseases like Lichen plannus, Psoriasis and Eczema. Once again, his ability to deal with various complicated diseases

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Dr. Seema Chitaliya

Homeopathic Consultant

She has garnered vast experience in treating diseases of women and children. She has made herself sort of an expert in fields of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics. This should not be taken as some sort of specialty as Homoeopathic treatment is always holistic and never in parts like systems and diseases.

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